Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching up (again)

Ok... shame shame on me once again.

I want to say that I am going to do better and keep up my blog more regularly, but I said that last time when I had let it go 6 weeks.  Now it's been about 4 months... sooooo.  I suck.

Not really I don't though.  Life has been busy and I am struggling to keep my priorities straight because I have too many things that are high priorities.  It's not my fault... it just is what it is.  Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy to have everything going on that I do.  Two happy, healthy, busy kids.  A hard working husband with a job.  A lovely home to keep up.  A business that is thriving.  And the list continues.  It's a lot for me to handle, but I am doing my best.


Here is a tiny clip of what has been going on.
Sophie has turned 5 months...

and 6 months...

 and 7 months...

 aaaaaand just barely 8 months.
Ollie has been learning to paint with pudding and has developed quite a technique.
And today it rained... and we played in it, and it was fun.


In between these fun at home activities and growth spurts, we have had a really fun summer.  Swimming, swimming, swimming.  A trip to Texas with my whole fam to see Zak and Kate's crib and Seaworld.  Both a huge hit for the kiddos to see all their cousins and play till they about died, and a great time for me watching them.

 On the "Oplane leaving the Oport"
 Nana Barb with most of the grands, minus Sophie and Golda
 Cousin hug which soon turned to cousin wrestle mania
 Riverwalk, San Antonio
 Sophie and Golda
 SeaWorld, via Bampa
 Texas sized Nachos
 Matchy matchy with Aunt Kate

 Immediately following that trip was a trip to Bear Lake with Jon's family.  Camping, playing at the lake, cousins, hiking, gorgeous scenery... these were among the highlights of another great trip.

 Bear Lake

 Got Nana and Bampa Layne right where they want them

So much work... so much fun.  It's been crazy and hectic and at times really exhausting, but it's still been a great and memorable summer so far, and it's not over yet.

This Mamma is really starting to love having two kids.  It's taken some time to get into the swing of things, but I am starting to really see the rewards...

Watching Ollie and Sophie play and interact is THE best thing.  They love each other so much and are kind of obsessed with each other and I am kind of obsessed with their obsessions.  It's just so fun to watch them play and laugh together.  

 That was a pretty scatter brained post, I must say, but a post none the less and another page in the journal of this amazing life I have.  So thankful for every bit of it.

Until next time.  Which hopefully won't be another 4 months.


linda said...

Wow, you guys have packed a lot into this summer-way to go, you're making lots of memories!

grandma Barb said...

What darling kids you have! There are some pictures in this post that I MUST have! I'll identify them for you so I can get a good copy to print. Very nice update, T

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