Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching up (again)

Ok... shame shame on me once again.

I want to say that I am going to do better and keep up my blog more regularly, but I said that last time when I had let it go 6 weeks.  Now it's been about 4 months... sooooo.  I suck.

Not really I don't though.  Life has been busy and I am struggling to keep my priorities straight because I have too many things that are high priorities.  It's not my fault... it just is what it is.  Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy to have everything going on that I do.  Two happy, healthy, busy kids.  A hard working husband with a job.  A lovely home to keep up.  A business that is thriving.  And the list continues.  It's a lot for me to handle, but I am doing my best.


Here is a tiny clip of what has been going on.
Sophie has turned 5 months...

and 6 months...

 and 7 months...

 aaaaaand just barely 8 months.
Ollie has been learning to paint with pudding and has developed quite a technique.
And today it rained... and we played in it, and it was fun.


In between these fun at home activities and growth spurts, we have had a really fun summer.  Swimming, swimming, swimming.  A trip to Texas with my whole fam to see Zak and Kate's crib and Seaworld.  Both a huge hit for the kiddos to see all their cousins and play till they about died, and a great time for me watching them.

 On the "Oplane leaving the Oport"
 Nana Barb with most of the grands, minus Sophie and Golda
 Cousin hug which soon turned to cousin wrestle mania
 Riverwalk, San Antonio
 Sophie and Golda
 SeaWorld, via Bampa
 Texas sized Nachos
 Matchy matchy with Aunt Kate

 Immediately following that trip was a trip to Bear Lake with Jon's family.  Camping, playing at the lake, cousins, hiking, gorgeous scenery... these were among the highlights of another great trip.

 Bear Lake

 Got Nana and Bampa Layne right where they want them

So much work... so much fun.  It's been crazy and hectic and at times really exhausting, but it's still been a great and memorable summer so far, and it's not over yet.

This Mamma is really starting to love having two kids.  It's taken some time to get into the swing of things, but I am starting to really see the rewards...

Watching Ollie and Sophie play and interact is THE best thing.  They love each other so much and are kind of obsessed with each other and I am kind of obsessed with their obsessions.  It's just so fun to watch them play and laugh together.  

 That was a pretty scatter brained post, I must say, but a post none the less and another page in the journal of this amazing life I have.  So thankful for every bit of it.

Until next time.  Which hopefully won't be another 4 months.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

St. George Airshow and keeping up

Alright, 6 weeks without a new post is pretty sad.
I realize that blogging isn't what the cool kids do anymore, but I still want to stick with it. This is my life, my journal and my history. I know one day I will look back on all of this and be so glad that I kept it up. So, for all 8 of my followers, here you go.

Sophie and Ollie are doing wonderful. We are at a very happy place in our little family. Bed time has FINALLY become a happy time and not a time of screaming, crying, and everyone being miserable. Sophie has grown out of whatever was bothering her in her first few months of life, and Ollie has stopped throwing Texas sized tantrums at bed time. They are both SO happy and sweet and it makes this mamma VERY VERY happy! Sophie is obsessed with Ollie and watches everything he does. Ollie loves Sophie and loves to talk to her and tell her to be happy when she is sad.

The funnest thing by far that we did in March and all year, was the St. George Airshow.
The show was amazing. A-MAZE-ING. I cannot believe we have airplanes that can do this stuff! I had no idea and I was totally fascinated.
Equally fun though, was that SO much of my family was there. My Dad has a hanger at the airport so we kind of had back stage passes at the show. We had a BBQ right there in our hanger and it was just for us, no crowds (there were reportedly 40,000 people there).
I am so glad I had my camera to catch some of these images and memories of a few of my favorite people on earth.

Before the show, we were at my parents house and Ollie was in his own little heaven in his very favorite ride. Grandpa Kerry's "Trunko". He is OBSESSED with this car.

Then, on to the airshow.
Before the show started, Ollie was pretty excited about being at the airport and the anticipation of the BIIIIIG airplanes that were going to come and go "super fast!!"

sadly, when the show started, his feelings changed, and he was scared to death and clung to Dad for dear life.

aaaaand then he was excited again.

Sophie was pretty excited too

aaaand then not so much (best pouty face EVER)

and I'm getting tired of narrating, so here are just more picture of these awesome people I call family.

My grandpas

Uncle Boone

brother Andy and Mamma

Ollie and cousin Georgie always causing trouble, breaking all the rules.

Jon being superdad because I was busy picture taking.

and both of our kids zonking out at one time or another. So much fun... so tired.

SUCH a fun day. My parents worked so hard to make this happen and I am so so grateful! I will remember this forever. Great great day.

Friday, March 2, 2012


We blessed our baby girl a few weeks ago...

It. Was. Wonderful.

It was a perfect day in every way.

Sophie was so beautiful, so sweet, so happy. It was so fun getting her dressed and primped for her big day. I just kept thinking how flawless she was and how happy I was. I was also thinking about my Mom and how she probably felt the EXACT same way when she got me ready for my big day.

I loved that I was able to bless her in the dress my Momma made for me when I was blessed. That dress has been hanging in a huge, beautiful shadow box at my parents house for as long as they have been there. I looked at it for so many years but never knew how beautiful it was and how special it was until it was my turn to use it for my little one.

Jon gave her a perfect blessing, and even a surprise middle name of Ruth.

Jon and I had talked about giving her the middle name of Ruth after Jon's two grandmothers who both have that name. But we didn't give it to her when she was born so we weren't sure if we wanted to change her name. I didn't even know if we were going to do it or not when Jon blessed her with that name. It was really quite a nice surprise. I never got to know Jon's grandma Boswell, but I know she was a great lady. I have however been very blessed to know his Grandma Layne very well. She is one of the cheeriest, sweetest, happiest ladies I have ever met. I adore her. She loved and accepted me from the minute I met her when I was just dating Jon. She made me feel so welcome and I have loved her ever since. So I am very happy to have my baby girl carry on that name and hopefully that cheerful attitude.

One of my favorite parts of the day was after she was blessed, Jon sat down and let me hold her, and she would not even look at me. Her eyes were locked on her Daddy, no matter what I did, she was just enamored with him which is so out of character for her. I am always her favorite and she is always looking for me (I know it's just cuz I have the food, but still). It was the sweetest thing. She loves her Daddy and knew what he had just done for her and that was her way of letting him know.

We were so happy to have a lot of family and friends there for Sophie's day. I think Ollie might have been the happiest actually because he had pretty much every favorite person on earth in the same room with him. He had so much fun playing with his Nanas, Papa's, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

And of course the little star of the day had plenty of lovin' from all of her faves as well.

Perfect Day.

Thanks so much to everyone who came. We love you all!